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Pickleball Registration


How would you like to play?

I give permission to the Monticello Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, the Watermelon Festival Committee, and all event sponsors, to record the appearance, physical likeness and/or voice on videotape, on film, or digital video disk, and/or take photographs of the appearance of myself and my teammate , and to release these images to the news media, use for posting on the Intranet or Internet, use in internal or external publications, or use in any other manner deemed appropriate by the Chamber, Festival, or Sponsor.

I acknowledge that the Monticello Jefferson Chamber of Commerce is the sole owner of all rights in, and to, this visual, sound production, photograph(s), or print material, thereof, and that it has the right to use or reproduce the resulting property as often as it finds necessary. The property may be used indefinitely by television, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, brochures, Internet, intranet, or in other media once released.

The Monticello Jefferson Chamber of Commerce has the right, among other things, to edit and/or otherwise alter the visual or sound recording, or photographs, as needed. I understand I will receive no compensation for the appearance of the above-named person or for participation in said productions. I agree to hold the Chamber, Watermelon Festival Committee and all Sponsors, their employees and other parties harmless against claim, liability, loss, or damage caused by, or arising from, my participation in this activity.

Thanks for registering!

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